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  • Argentina plug to IEC C5 power cord

    Argentina plug to IEC C5 power cord

    Argentina to IEC C5 Argentine IRAM2073 standard 3 prong plug to IEC 60320 C5 connector commonly using in Laptop / Notebook / Notepad Power Adapter applications. Rated up to 5A 120V. All of our Argentine power cords are mold with low profile ergonomic design ; high quality and RoHS / REACH environmental compliant.
  • Specifications

    Male Plug Argentina 3 prong plug
    Female Receptacle IEC 60320 C5 Argentina
    Amperage Up to 10A
    Voltage Up to 125V AC
    Outer Mold Material 50P PVC
    Blade Material Nickel coated Brass
    Color Any color available
    Cable Length Any length available
    Certifications IRAM
    Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH
    Testing 100% are individually tested
    Available Wire Styles H03VV-F 3G0.5-0.75
    H05VV-F 3G0.75-1.5
    H03RT-F 3G0.75-1.0
    MOQ 3000 pcs
    Delivery lead date 15-20 days
    Packing Export cartons
    Samples Free samples can be sent within 3 days
    Payment TT 30% Advance,balance after shipping,L/C

    Argentina 203 Plug to IEC C5 Drawing

    The Argentinean IRAM 2073 is physically the same as the Chinese plug mold with IEC 60320 C5 connector.
    Argentine IRAM 2073 IEC 60320 C5 Power Cord