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    IEC 60309 Industrial Plug Power Cord

    IEC 60309 Industrial plug power cord products with European CE,S,TUV approvals are manufactured to IEC 60309 standard mostly used to European industrial appliance,indstrial plug,industrial receptacles,sockets products details with Rohs and Reach compliant.Industrial Plug,Panel Mounted Plug,Panel Mounted Socket,Europe Socket Industrial Connector,Mobile Mains Site Power Unit,Combination Socket Box,Extension Lead
  • IEC 60309 Industrial plugs,Sockets

    Industrial Plugs, Connectors

    The product easy installation, long life .Industrial plugs, sockets and couplings are constructed for extreme operating conditions.They are of easy installation, long life and high reliability. They are widely used since many years ago in the machine industry, crane industry, construction industry, trains and cars.

    The products fully comply with all the requirements of the IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 specifications. These standards were previously known simply as IEC 309.IP44 is the "ingress protection" rating which means the construction of these products are certified to be protected from the intrusion of any solid objects that are 1mm or larger and is also protected against splashing water from any angle.

    IEC 309 product use high impact nylon (PA66 polymide) housings which offer great impact and corrosion resistance and are not electrically conductive for safety.

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