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  • PNCTFK Type Oval Flat Rubber Cables

    PNCTFK Type Oval Flat Rubber Cables

    PSE Approval Rubber Insulated and Sheathed PNCTFK rubber insulated and sheathed flexible cords;Rating: 300V 60C;Standard: JIC C 3301,All of our Rubber Cable Japan are molded with high quality with Rohs and Reach environment approved as we are China premier power cable manufacturer.

    Rubber insulated and Sheathed oval flat flexible cords;
    Rating :300V 60C;
    Standard: JIS C 3301.
    Type No.of conductor


    Insulation thickness


    Sheath thickness


    Overall diameter


    Max Conductor resistance


    NormalArea (mm²)


    (No. /mm)


    2 0.75 30/0.18 0.6 1.0 4.3±0.2X6.6±0.2 22.4
    1.25 50/0.18 0.6 1.0 4.7±0.2X7.4±0.2 14.7
    2.0 37/0.26 0.6 1.0 5.0±0.2X8.0±0.2 9.5