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  • Swiss SEV 1011 Power Cord

    Swiss SEV 1011 Power Cord

    Y004 SEV 1011 plug two prong power cord plug with SEV certification Rated up to 10A 250V Built to SEV 1011 and designed for Switzerland 2 prong power cord applications,SEV 1011(or Europe plug) to IEC C7 describe SEV plug connected with IEC 60320 C7 socket,All of Our Swiss SEV power cord products are fully molded with ergonomic design and RoHS / REACH compliant as We are China leading Switzerland power supply cord manufacturer.
  • Specifications

    Connector Standard Swiss 2P plug
    Maximum Current rating 10A
    Maximum Voltage 250V
    Number of Poles and Wires 2 poles, 2 wires
    Outer Mold Material 50P PVC
    Blade Material Nickel coated Brass
    Color Any color available
    Cable length Any length available
    Temperature Rating minus 60C though plus 90C
    Approvals Swiss SEV,VDE
    Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH
    Testing Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstanding Voltage), Polarity (pinout) and Continuity
    MOQ 5000pcs
    Samples Free samples Available

    Available Opposite End Connectors

    Standard Part Number
    IEC C7 QT8 (IEC C7) Swiss

    Available Wire Styles

    Cord Type Electrical Rating (Amps/Volts)
    H03VV-F 2X0.75mm2
    H05VV-F 2X0.75-1.5mm2
    H05RR-F 2X0.75-1.0mm2
    H05RN-F 2X0.75-1.0mm2


    Other Termination Options Ends Terminations

    Plug Drawing

    Swiss SEV 1011 Power Cord Drawing Y004