• Ballast Power Extension Cord

    Ballast Power Extension Cord

    Ballast power extension cord Sun system products with North America UL/CSA certified mostly used in Sun system extension cord set applications,100% of our America extension cord are high quality and Rosh/Reach compliant
  • XM03/XM04 sun system ballast extension cord

    16/3 SJT, SJTW, SJTOW, SJTOOW, ST, STW, STOW, STOOW, SJE, SJEW, SJEOW, SJEOOW, SE, SEW, SEOW, SEOOW, Model Number:, XM03/XM04, Max.Voltage:, 125V, Max.Amps:, 15A, Approval:, , Plug Type:, , Receptacle Type:, , Number of Outlets:, , MOQ:, 2000pcs.