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  • Locking Extension Cord

    Locking extension cord adapters with North America NEMA standard,UL cUL certifed connected twist locking type plugs to locking receptacles or standard sockets,mainly used in generators,marines,ships.We are China leading extension cord manufacturer and supplier providing qualified North American Locking type plug,socket,adapter extension cords.

UL CSA approved 15A America Interlocking extension cord,L5-15 extension cord,l5-15 extension cable,l5-15 locking cable

L5-15P to 5-15R

L5-15P,5-15R America Interlocking extension cord mostly used in Locking type extension cord set applications.

Twist lock plug to 15A America receptacle extension cord,

L5-15P to N5-15Rx2

America twist locking plug L5-15P 15A to two NEMA 5-15R standard America 15A sockets extension cord adapter.

America Twist locking adapter extension cords sets,L5-15p locking extension cord,L5-15p locking cable,L5-15p locking cable

L5-15P to L5-15R(L5-20P to L5-20R)

America Twist locking adapter extension cord set 2 outlets with splitter.

20A twist locking plug America extension cord,


20A twist locking plug extension cord.

multiple outlets Twist locking adapter cord


Multiple outlets locking adapter cord 20A plug to two or three outlet locking receptacles.

locking plug America power extension leads,


Locking plug power extension lead NEMA L6-20P,6-20R standard.

twist lock wiring plug America extension cord,


Twist lock wiring plug extension cord L14-20P,L14-20R.

locking plug America extension cord L5-30P/5-30R,

L5-30P to L5-30R

XL530P-A/XL530R-A(L5-30P,L5-30R)twist locking plug,30A Lock receptacle.

Marine locking extension cord

L5-30P,L5-30R Marine

L5-30P,L5-30R twist locking plug 30A to 30A Lock receptacle marine cord.

15amps receptacles North America extension cord,

L5-30P to N5-15R*2

2 outlet 15amps receptacles extension cord adapter with US Locking L5-30P plug.

Twist lock pug America extension cord,L6-30 extension cord, L6-30 extension cable,L6-30P locking cable


L6-30P,L6-30R twist locking plug 30A to 30A Lock receptacle mainly used in generator applications.

L6-30 marine locking cable

L6-30P,L6-30R Marine

L6-30P,L6-30R marine locking plug 30A Lock receptacle standard mainly used in marine ships.

America 30A twist locking extension cord


L14-30P to L14-30R 30 Amps locking plug to L14-30r locking receptacle extension cable.

L14-30p locking plug to N5-15r receptacle over current protector

L14-30P to N5-15R*3 over current protector

L14-30P to N5-15R 30 Amps locking plug to NEMA 5-15r*4 current protector receptacles.

L14-30P Generator locking cable adapter


L14-30P,N5-15R*6 America twist locking plug 30A to six outlets NEMA 5-15r receptacle generator extension cord adapter

L14-30P generator locking cable adapter


L14-30P,N5-20R twist locking plug 30A to 20A NEMA receptacle generator extension adapter.

L14-30 extension cable adapter


L14-30P,N5-20R*4 America twist locking plug 30A to four outlets NEMA 5-20r receptacle generator extension cord.

L14-30p locking plug adapter

L14-30p N6-20R GFCI

L14-30p,N6-20R America twist locking plug 30 Amps to two outlet NEMA 6-20R receptacle generator exension cord adapter.

L14-30P locking plug to multiple outlets extension cord

L14-30P to L14-30R+N5-15R*4

Multiple outlets twist locking cord,30 Amps locking plug to 4xN5-15R outlets and L14-30r locking receptacle.
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