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    The best way to get a sense of the kinds of people who are at SG is to hear from them in their own words. We’ve asked people from a variety of roles and businesses and at different points in their careers to tell a little about themselves, their experiences and their thoughts about SG.

    Da Yu

    Da Yu
    Sales at Sales Dept.

    "This program has really helped me develop what my passions are, and what I want 
    to achieve within GE and within my career.”


    Jiang Zhang

    Jiang Zhang
    Quality Control at QC Dept..

    "Large company with lots of resources to develop my career and lots of opportunities 
    for growth.”

    Yan Zhang

    Yan Zhang
    SG Healthcare at Healthcare Dept.

    "The SG culture is at its truest when ideas are judged on their merit and not on who proposed them. ”

    Ya Ting Zhang

    YaTing Zhang
    Human resource at HR Dept.

    "SG has allowed me the opportunity to test myself and grow in ways that I didn't think were possible.”

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