6-20P 20A 250V America 20A Plug Cord

America 20A plug cord with UL CSA certified Rated up to 20A 250V Built to US NEMA standard and designed for North America 3 prong power cord applications, HEAVY DUTY - Featuring a 6-20P Plug Power Supply Cords Manufactured to the highest standards and tested for Voltage Hi-Potential, Continuity, Polarity and are UL listed and RoHS / REACH compliant.

America 20A Plug Power Cord

Features: 6-20P plug, NEMA 6-20P Power supply cord with UL CSA approval
Rating: 20A 250V
1) Standards: NEMA 6-20P, 3-pole 3-wire heavy duty 20 Amps power cords
2) Applicable cables:
LA007A 6-20P 16/3 SPT-2, NISPT-2, SPT-3, SVT, SJT 13/250
14/3 SJT 18/250
12/3 SJT 20/250
LA007B 6-20P 16/3 SJT, SJTO SJOO, ST, STO, STOO 13/250
14/3 SJT, SJTO SJOO, ST, STO, STOO 15/250
12/3 SJT, SJTO SJOO, ST, STO, STOO 20/250

NEMA 6-20P Plug Drawing

NEMA 6-20P Power Cord Right Angle