Heavy Duty Australia Mains Extension Cord 15A 250V

Heavy duty Australia extension cords with SAA certification Rated up to 15A 250V; Built to AS/NZ 3112 standard and designed for standard Australia ground heavy duty extension lead applications,Our Australia SAA heavy duty extensnion cord products are fully molded with a low profile ergonomic design and RoHS / REACH compliant.
Australia New Zealand type Heavy Duty Mains Extension Cord 15A 250V Non-rewirable Plug 15A 250V Q02449 Q02444
Cord extension set
3x1.5 H05VV-F V-75 0.6/1KV (Q031043)
H05VV-F screen(SAA111951)
3x2.5 H05VV-F 0.6/1kv