Extension Cable Reels (IP20) IP44 With Caps German Type Plug Sockets

Non-rewirable cord reel with a termalcut-,non-rewirable plug 2P+E CEE7/7 Schuko,4-way socket-outlets with shutters reeled max 0.92KW(4.0A) unreeled max 3.22KW(14A),Europe extension cable reels IP44 with caps with CE/GS certification Rated up to 14A 250V Built to German CEE7/7 Schuko plugs,sockets mostly used in European outdoor applications , Our European plugs,sockets,flexible cord reels are fully moulded with high qaulity and RoHS/REACH compliant.
Extension Cable Reels (IP20)IP44 With Caps German Sockets
European Extension Cable Reel German Type Plug Sockets