Europe Power Cord

Europe power cord plug socket products are manufactured to Europe CEE7/7,CEE7/17,CEE1/7 Schuko and IEC standards,designed for European power cord applications.Europe power cords are also known as European mains cords, European mains leads, European line cords and European mains cables. All of our Europe power cord products are fully molded high quality cords with RoHS compliant. We produce the widest array of Schuko male and Schuko female Europe CEE7/7 power cords available and Schuko plugs with IEC C7,C5,C13,C15,C19 power supply cords.
  • European CEE7/7 Schuko plug to IEC 60320 C19 Power Cord,The 60320 C19 IEC power cord receptacle is commonly used in high power data center and server environments with devices such as servers, PDUs and other data center and network gear.We produce high quality products at competitively low prices. All of our products are RoHS compliant and environment friendly.