Extension Cable Reel UK 3 Socket Outlet Max 50M

Extension UK cable reels products with CE/BS certification Rated up to 13A 250V Built to British BSI 1363 standards mostly used in UK extension cord reel applications,Our UK cable reel products are molded with high quality and RoHS/REACH compliant.

XRB460 UK extension cable reels

H05VV-F 3X1.0-1.5mm2

A05VV-F 3X1.25mm2

Cable Reel UK Type 3 Socket Outlet Mains Cable Reel British TypeCable Reel United Kingdom Type 3 Socket Outlet

More types

250V AC,IP20, rewireable with 3-way BS 1363 socket-outlet with thermal-cutout and rewireable BS1363 plug type Sw169.Reel max.1.0KW (4.0A Unreeled Max.3.25KW(13A)
LRE310A 3x1.5 H05VV-F 10m
LRE320A 3x1.5 H05VV-F 20
LRE32B 3x1.5 H05VV-F 25m
LRE350B 3x1.5 H05VV-F 50m

LRE310A BS Protable Cord Reel LRE320A BS Protable Cord Reel LRE325B BS Protable Cord Reel LRE350B BS Protable Cord Reel