Extension Cords

America NEMA standard plug connected with receptacles as heavy duty extension cords,locking adapters,Locking extension cable,Rang & Dryer extension cords,Outdoor Extension Cords,Outdoor Seasonal-Use Cord-Connected,cord Manager,Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFCI).
Europe extension cord plugs are manufactured to CEE7/7 Schuko standards are also known as European extension leads, European mains extension cords, European mains extension cables and European mains extension leads with VDE/CE/GS approvals.
Australia Extension Cord plug with Australian SAA certification are built to the AS 3112 standards known as Australian mains extension lead referred to as Australia mains extension cords and Australia mains extension cables
Japan Extension cord products with PSE JET certification are manufactured to JS C 8303 standards,Single outlet,three outlets and waterproof outdoor plugs,sockets are our normal extension power cords.