Find qualified power cord manufacturer from China

Usually we will send inquiries to several power cord manufacturers from China to get their specific offers.the next step to choose qualified power cord vendors.

Fist checking the shipping date of each sample from their supplier to value executive ability of company policy of samples lead date,good supplier always send their samples on time which usually within three days.
Second, be carefully of checking samples quality as: power plug shapes,power cable shape,smooth or rough,wether the prints in the cable and plugs meet your local or internatinal safty request.
Third,Measure the cable length to make sure which is what you are wanting,check the plug pins out of PVC cover's length to confirm which are correct then take care of end terminations if you have special request of them,especiall the weight-bearing of terminals.
Right now,you can select good quality power cord samples and try to contact their supplier to confirm with them that the production goods would be completely same as the samples they sent and make this declaration signed in sales contract.

By the way,most of China power cord manufacturers locate in Ningbo China.

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