10-30P 30A 125-250V Heavy Duty Power Cord

NEMA 10-30P Heavy duty power cords products with UL CSA certified Rated up to 30A 250V Built to US NEMA standard and designed for 3 prongs 30 Amps (3-pole 3-wire Dryer Cord) regular with 4FT or 6 Feet flat dryer cable North American heavy-duty power cord applications, Our America UL CSA power cord products are fully molded with high quality and RoHS / REACH compliant.

NEMA 10-30P Heavy duty Dryer Power Cords

Features: 10-30P plug, NEMA 10-30P Power supply cord with UL CSA approval
Rating: 30A 250V
1) Standards: NEMA 10-30P, 3-pole 3-wire Dryer Cord 10-30P
2) Applicable cables:
10-30 10/3 SRDT, DRT 30
8/3 SRDT, DRT 30
6/3 SRDT, DRT 30
8/2 + 10/1 SRDT, DRT 30
6/2 + 8/1 SRDT, DRT 30

10-30A Plug Drawing

10-30P 30A 125-250V Heavy Duty Power Cordrd Product Drawing