YJ-2ASBR-15 15A

2 Outlet 15A Electrical Extension Reel

SAA approval Australia cable reel products with Australia AS/NZ3112 15 amps heavy duty power plug and power cables connected to SAA marked plastic cord reel assembled 2 outlet Australian sockets.all of our Australia cable reels are molded with high quality and Rohs/Reach compliant.
Australian cable reel 15A
YJ-2ASBR 4V-75 3x1.0mm2 40
0.6/1kv 3x1.5mm2 40
0.6/1kv 3x1.0mm2 40 Model Number:, YJ-2ASBR, Max.Voltage:, 250V, Max.Amps:, 15A, Approval:, SAA, Plug Type:, AS/NZ plug, Socket Type:, Australian socket sockets, Number of Outlets:, 2, MOQ:, 100Pcs
SAA approval Australia cable reel drawings