Swiss CH-type 12 Non-rewirable SEV 3 Prong Grounded 10A Plug Power Cord

Plug CH-Type 12,Standard Sheet SEV 6534-2 with Non-rewirable Cord IP20 for class I equipment IEC 60884-1(eD.3):02+A1:06 SEV 1011:09+A1:12 Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations ESTI rated up to 10A 250V designed for Switzerland household appliance power supply cords.with IEC C5 , With IEC C13 , With IEC C15 , With IEC C19 descripe Swiss plug moulded with IEC 60320 connectors,All of Our Swiss plugs,sockets and power cables are fully made with high quality and RoHS / REACH compliant as we are China premier Swiss power cord manufacturer.


Connector Standard Swiss 3P plug
Maximum Current rating 10A
Maximum Voltage 250V
Number of Poles and Wires 2 poles, 3 wires
Outer Mold Material 50P PVC
Blade Material Nickel coated Brass
Flamability Rating UL 94V-0
Color Custom color available
Cable length Custom length available
Temperature Rating minus 40C though plus 75C
Approvals SEV,VDE
Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH
Testing Hi-Pot (Dielectric Withstanding Voltage), Polarity (pinout) and Continuity
MOQ 2000pcs
Samples Free samples Available

Available Opposite End Connectors

Standard Part Number
QT3 (IEC C13) Swiss
IEC C5 JT-ST2B(IEC C5) Swiss
IEC C15 ST3-H (IEC C15) Swiss
IEC C19 ST6(IEC C19) Swiss

Available Wire Styles

Cord Type Electrical Rating (Amps/Volts)
H03VV-F 3G 0,5 mm²
H03VV-F 3G 0,75 mm²
H05VV-F 3G 0,75 mm² H05VV-F 3G 1,0 mm² H05VV-F 3G 1,5 mm²
H05RR-F 3G 0,75 mm² H05RR-F 3G 1,0 mm² H05RR-F 3G 1,5 mm²
H05RN-F 3G 0,75 mm² H05RN-F 3G 1,0 mm²
H07RN-F 3G 1,0 mm² H07RN-F 3G 1,5 mm²
H03RT-H 3G 0,75 mm² H03RT-H 3G 1,0 mm² H03RT-H 3G 1,5 mm²
H03V2V2-F 3G 0,5 mm² H03V2V2-F 3G 0,75 mm²
H05V2V2-F 3G 0,75 mm H05V2V2-F 3G 1,0 mm² H05V2V2-F 3G 1,5 mm²

Other Termination Options Ends Terminations

Y005 SEV 1011 Plug Drawing

Swiss Y005 SEV 1011 Power Cord Plug Drawing