The Operating procedures of power cord thermostatic water bath instrument testing
Firt,Injecting water out into the bottom of the case to make the water level gradually increase which  should be greater than 50mm distance box from the top
Second, energized heating (Energizied and heating the water to be confirmed heating pipe be injected water).
1,Connector power cord to socket
2, Adjust the various parameters of temperature monitor.
3, Press the button to light the indicating lighting.
4, It will work after the temperature rises to the setting,Hand the samples, put out the application tape and the cover of the power plug plugged to prevent sample plug moisture, affect the outcome of the testing result.
5, After the test is completed, press off button and unplug the power cord to turn off  the power.
6, Replace the used water, and to clean up the laboratory.
First, before testing the experiment must be checked if the equipment is properly grounded, if the ground is not good, repair immediately. Strictly prohibited to use the equipment in the case of ground bad.
Second, Must not to collide when moving this instrument